Logo image for blog writing services - The Essential Sales CompanyI spend a lot of time blog writing for clients who are in vastly different industries. They want me to write on their behalf because they don’t have the time or confidence to do it themselves. See related article ‘How to Write a Good Blog’

Blog writing for other people takes a particular discipline. It’s a case of writing with someone else’s voice; how they want to communicate and the profile of the people they are wishing to engage with.

Every client has a different voice and style whether they are accountants, electrical engineers, hotels, bathroom manufacturers, travel companies, website builders or data providers – thus all the different blogging voices in my head!

Interpreting the Voices

Don’t get me wrong – this is no article of complaint. I love what I do because of the wildly differing people I work with and the breadth of what they do. I work with people in many different ways and I enjoy them all for different reasons:

  • The Bare Bones Brief – ‘I know you’ll think of something great to write about’
  • The Skinny Brief – ‘Something along the lines of this?’
  • The Meat on the Bones Brief – ‘Here’s some notes and my thoughts on this subject’
  • The Fully Monty Brief – ‘Here’s my treatise. Can you make it make sense to my readers?’

Some articles require great creativity, some require research of a subject, some are newsy and chatty and some are serious industry insights. All of them are great to work on, and all of them need shaping in a way that makes them as visible as possible to search engines.

Back to the Voices in my Head

Sometimes, just sometimes though, like this morning, I set off on an article and realised I had the wrong voice in my head and had to root around for the right one!

What I love about what I do is when a new client reads what I have written on their behalf and says ‘yes, that’s perfect’. Perhaps it’s a specific skill to research and write knowledgeably about differing industries in a way that is engaging to the reader. And I know that  the effort and time I put in to each article releases my clients to get on with what they do best. That’s why I like all those different voice styles in my head – it wouldn’t be as interesting or satisfying without them.

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