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Tailored to Your Needs

At The Essential Sales Company we know how precious time is to a business owner.  That is why we will come to you for an initial meeting to ascertain how our copy writing and marketing services can help your business to grow (we don’t charge for this – it’s all part of the service!).

We will go through our copy writing and marketing services with you so that you can decide how we can help you most effectively. For more information about the services we provide, please go to our What we do page

Through discussion we can help you decide the length and frequency of service required, whether it is for the short, mid or long term, or for a specific project such as writing copy for a website or for an on-going copy writing or marketing service.

We will provide you with a summary report at the end of each day, outlining the tasks that have been achieved and the aims for the next visit.

At the end of each month that we work with you, we will provide you with an analysis of the sales and marketing activity.