Marketing your business online these days is a constant battle for visibility, credibility and customer satisfaction. Once you have made a sale, the importance of adding value for the customer is crucial in order for them to buy from you again and spread the word about your products/services.

A Case Study in Marketing and Value

Nasos and Julie from Zante Zest - they know their marketing

The lovely Nasos and Julie, co-founders of Zante Zest

I have been considering this concept of added value after a recent holiday experience. A friend and I decided to abandon our families for the first time in many years and take some healthy time out for ourselves (cruel perhaps, but necessary). We were tired and felt unhealthy, and after an online search plumped for Zante Zest  on the Greek Island of Zante for a bit of holistic detoxing.





Marketing score 1- Visibility

The first thing to note was the company’s visibility on Google. They had obviously done some homework and our search terms brought them high up on page one of the organic listings, which, when you consider how many yoga retreats/detox/juicing holidays are available in Europe, is quite an achievement.

Marketing score 2 – Presentation

Julie in a fridge of fruit and veg - excellent image marketing

Now I think mmmmm- apples instead of mmmmm - cider!!

The Zante Zest website itself was well laid out. Great looking, plenty of images, testimonials and a flavour of how they worked and the activities they offered. The prose was personal and appealing.






Marketing Score 3 – The Hidden Gem of Adding Value

I certainly had no idea how brilliant the trip would be until I experienced it. In fact I went with a little trepidation about what would be expected of me! Yes, the Island of Zante is stunningly beautiful. You don’t appreciate walking through orchards of orange, fig and almond trees or olive groves until you’ve done it. The bright turquoise of the water, the clarity of the light, the heat, the sandstone cliffs – I could wax lyrical for HOURS! – but I digress.

No, the real gem was the care that Julie and Nas took with us. For one thing, they only take 2 people at a time so you really DO get a personal service, tailored to your needs (an oft overused phrase in marketing but in this instance entirely accurate).

Let’s take it as read that they really are experts in their fields ( and they are), their skill lies in the care that they take in ensuring their clients achieve what they want to achieve in the time they spend on the Island. They took time to understand our lives, our stresses, our frustrations and our joys and somehow used this intelligence to create an exercise plan that would push but not defeat us. They managed to untangle our self-perceived limitations and replace them with boundless energy!

Anything we wanted to do on the trip they organised and took us on. They were knowledgeable and informative. They were our holiday guides but also left us for ‘alone’ time – perfectly judged all round.

It wasn’t all about the physical though – when was the last time you climbed a mountain to watch the sun rise? You have to – it’s awesome!

We arrived home from Zante rejuvenated, refreshed, re-energised, relaxed and any other ‘re’ word you can think of!




You could go to Zante fo a yoga retreat, a detox, a walking holiday, a beach holiday, a sightseeing holiday, a ‘boot camp’. Or you could join Zante Zest and have the perfect balance of all of them. I will be returning. And I will be spreading the word on their behalf.



And that’s the true worth of adding value – your customers become your marketeers.

Drop me a line if you have any stories of super-duper service that has bought your loyalty.