Logo image for copy writing and proofreading servicesProofreading is a tricky business, especially when you are doing it for yourself. However, in your marketing material it is crucial to check your work for errors, or even better, get someone to proofread it for you.

Aside from the obvious cost attached to printing your 1000 leaflets only to discover you have inadvertently spelled an obvious word incorrectly, the real cost is in the mortification you have to deal with when proofreading has not been done properly.

English is a ludicrously complex language when it comes to spelling, because of the history of its development – more on this can be found on the excellent The English Spelling Society website. The ability to spell correctly is linked to our perceptions of intelligence – we all make grammatical and spelling mistakes from time to time, but we also judge others when we see articles of expertise peppered with errors.

Proofreading your spell checker cannot do

The spell checker on your pc is great for picking up mistyped words and the auto-correct feature is generally very good for those commonly misspelled words. In a 2010 article, The Daily Telegraph reported ‘separate’ to be at the top of the list of most commonly misspelled words. For the rest of the top twenty click here.

Your spell checker can’t do everything though, check out the poems about why English spelling is so hard to learn at The English Spelling Society, including Margo Roark’s ‘Eye halve a spelling checker’

Proofreading professionals

If your copy is important to get right, consider using the services of a proofreader. When we proofread work ourselves, our eyes and brain are assuming what’s coming next (because we wrote it) and so tend to miss things. A proofreader will check for spelling, grammar and meaning, ensuring your work is flawless.

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